Friday 7 November 2008

November Ramblings

October was my first losing month on Betfair since April 2007, albeit only £70.13, but the profits on BETDAQ saw my trading overall in profit. Ironically enough, the Premium Charge has only hit me to the tune of £400 or so, which is some consolation for a poor month I suppose!

November has started a little more promisingly, and I've even started trying my luck on the Indian Cricket League. Strange how the games I used to play and thought I knew something about are so tough to trade, yet baseball, basketball or American Football which I have only ever watched seem to suit my trading style much better.

I wrote about the US Election a few days ago, and in the end there were no surprises with Obama romping home. What was a little more surprising to me was the anti-gay marriage initiatives which narrowly passed in a few states. Gay marriage will soon be as accepted as inter-racial marriage is today and the churches really need to mind their own business and allow gay people the same rights as straight. Whew - getting a little political there. And no, I am not gay.

Here are a few words from my girlfriend to prove it:

"I hereby confirm that Mr Cassini is very manly, knows nothing about shoes or interior design, and is quite the stud-muffin. Was that ok?" - Cassini's Girlfriend.

Back to sports, and my NBA tip of the Lakers is off to a flying start. The Suns have started better than I thought, but the West is hard, and there's a long way to go.

And finally, football. Manchester United must be a back at 3.65. As much as I want Chelsea to win the title, at the prices right now I would have to say that United are the value. That might change this weekend though!


Anonymous said...

JPG here again. Id agree, the 3.65 on Man Utd is tempting. Id advocate a back on it right now with a view to trade off at some point between now and the end of November. Managed to lay Chelsea last Sunday at 1.99 (which is a similar move) but Ill be looking to trade off in a similar timeframe.

Anonymous said...

As a novice trader, I find the US sports the best for me so far. Everytime i trade football I end up losing. Strategies such as laying the draw inevitably end up going wrong for me!

Cassini said...

Thanks for the comments. JPG, yes I'm with you that United are a back with a view to laying at some point. Laying Chelsea is the same. I really can't see Liverpool hanging in there for too much longer. I'm a trader, so I rarely let bets run completely, and if I'm in for a pure punt, then it's on BETDAQ!

Novice anonymous trader - agree too. (I'm such an agreeable chap!) I am hopeless at football and cricket, yet sports like NFL or the NBA are ideal. Laying the draw is an interesting, and simple, idea. Just a shame that it doesn't work! Most football 'systems' for me mirror my efforts in the over/under 2.5 market - lots of small wins, then the catastrophic wipe-out. Nine steps forward, then ten back.

Good luck.

DOOMED said...