Saturday 8 December 2018

NCAAF 2018 Small Road Dogs Summary

While there is one College Football game this weekend which technically qualifies for the Small Road 'Dogs System, it's the College version of a post season game, in this case a 'Bowl' game, which is being played in the home stadium of the one of the teams.

These games do come along at an average of 1.3 a season but they are not good propositions with a record since 1996 of 11-19-1.

Which means that the official numbers for the regular season system are now complete and the success continues.

A profit of 13.93 points is the second highest this century, and just one losing season in 18 years is really quite phenomenal. After 1,740 bets, the ROI is 7.7% over this time.

Restricting selections to Conference games resulted in even higher profits. The highest points total ever and another double digit ROI percentage.
The NFL version has four more weeks before the regular season is over, and continues in profit to date with an ROI of 6.8%. No updates before then anyway as I'll be travelling again for work from Monday for ten days, before taking some well deserved time off to spend Xmas with family.

There is one Big 6 match this weekend in the Premier League, with the ROI on these games 41.7% for the season, and 17.9% over the last 100 matches.