Monday 24 June 2024

Lost Bloggers Found

One of the blogs on my list to follow is Wayward Lad which has been going since 2010. Not quite as long as this one, but in the world of sports investing - Horse Racing in this case - 14 years of almost daily updates is a very good run, but no updates since the end of March had me wondering what had happened. 

Author Ian is of a similar age to myself, not quite as advanced, but in the same decade, and without being too morbid about these things, one never knows what lies around the corner. 

Ian also writes the Pension Builder blog, although by its nature, that was always only updated periodically, but the lack of updates since July 2022 was extreme even for Ian. 

With a little research, I was pleased to discover that Ian is still actively posting these days, albeit on Substack, a medium I know very little about, but may look into.

I also received an update from Steve, the legend from the daily25 blog, after asking out loud about him in this March post, and he is taking a year off to travel the world, although his initial plans have been disrupted. 

He did mention that he's not had a sports bet in three years due to challenges with being able to get a decent bet on (more than $20) at acceptable odds, but he's staying busy and waiting for the NFT markets to bounce back from "their deep bear market" - his words, not mine. I suspect he may be waiting for a while for that to happen, but I have been known to be wrong. 

I mentioned last month that "one subscriber had very generously donated a College Basketball System for my review, with the possibility of it being added to the Sacred Manuscript for next year."

Since the next College Basketball season is some months away, it took me a while to get around to reviewing it, but it's a very interesting idea and the data shows that it has some merit. I promised not to divulge details on the blog, but just to say that I like the fact that there is some rationale to it, and over the last ten seasons, with a logical adjustment to the types of games included, the system has a 1 in 2432 probability of not being this profitable from luck. 

I shall be adding it to the Sacred Manuscript because, as the contributor noted, "surely it is good to add another league to bet on".  I agree, and something to look forward too when conference games start up in January. 

The Stanley Cup has a Game Seven tonight, with the Edmonton Oilers recovering from a 0-3 deficit to tie the series with the Florida Panthers. With home advantage, the Panthers are slight favourites to win, but with 18 goals in the last three games, the Oilers have momentum. Not to mention that ice hockey is Canada's national sport and no Canadian team has won the Stanley Cup since 1993. No pressure. 

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