Sunday 30 April 2023

April Singleton

Since starting this blog over 15 years ago, I have never gone a full calendar month without a post, and while it is tempting to wait until month-end, this one will keep that record intact. 

Some travel with both work and for pleasure has interrupted by normal routine, and technical challenges at work have meant having to be on calls for 12 hours through the night on occasion, but those problems seem to be mitigated, at least for now, even if the root cause hasn't yet been identified. Any readers who work in IT will understand the process.

While I will be away for another week next month with the long-delayed work trip to Phoenix finally approved, I'm home for a few days now just in time to update the April spreadsheet with its month-end numbers.

The first round of the NBA playoffs has pretty much passed me by, with the favourite Milwaukee Bucks already eliminated. Reigning champions Golden State Warriors face a Game Seven today needing to win in Sacramento versus the Kings in a game where the home side are favoured by just one point, and in Western Conference playoff games, this is historically a good situation for the Warriors with the visitors winning 11 of 15 such games, although the most recent three have all been losses.

In the NHL, there's a few Game Sevens with the Stanley Cup favourites Boston Bruins facing one tonight after being unable to eliminate the Florida Panthers in either game 5 or 6 of their series. The other series going to seven games are those between the Colorado Avalanche and Seattle Kraken (also tonight) and the New Jersey Devils and New York Rangers who play tomorrow (Monday). 

As someone who often finds value in going against the perceived 'home ice' advantage, it's been a good post season so far with road teams winning 11 straight games at one point and an overall ROI of over 30%. 

Back soon with boring end-of-month updates for April and a look at how the new baseball rules appear to be playing out.