Monday 1 January 2001

Sacred Manuscript FAQ

Sacred Manuscript FAQ 

Thank you for your interest.

As you may have read in my blog, the 2024-25 version of the so-called "Sacred Manuscript" is planned to be available by the end of July 2024 following the Euros.

The cost will be the same as last year - just £149.

Previous subscribers will receive the next year's version for just £39, and anyone subscribing after February 2024 will receive the updated 2024-25 document completely free.

The 42 page document details nineteen basic systems which have all been profitable over several years with ROIs varying from 3.3% (from 3,608 selections) to 33% (from 57 selections), but rather than simply tell readers what to do, it's also intended to encourage people to come up with their own ideas and teach how to research systems too.

It shows the results from past seasons and, where appropriate, what query to enter to easily generate upcoming selections.

The systems included are for the sports of Football (soccer), Football (American - NFL and College), MLB Baseball, NHL Hockey and NBA Basketball.


English Premier League Draw

English Community Shield / FA Cup / League Cup Finals

National League Playoffs

European Super Cup / Champions League / Europa League Finals

UEFA Champions League

UEFA Europa League 

UEFA Europa Conference League

La Liga Segunda División Draw

Bundesliga Lays (Home and Away)

International Tournament Elimination Matches Draw

American Football:

NFL Small Road 'Dogs

NFL Small Divisional Road 'Dogs

College Football Small Road 'Dogs


Hot Favourites

All-Star Break Before / After


Road Favourites


Ice Hockey:

Hot Road Favourites

The document also includes a basic guide to the Killer Sports site together with the queries you need for the US sports systems, and a bit about staking as well as a look at how markets and systems change over time with a case study into Baseball favourites and how all the recent rule changes there have ruined a good thing!

A sample of results showing my inconsistency in how the years are sequenced!

Last season the document was updated a handful of times with new systems or modifications and copies were sent out to all subscribers. That will also be the plan for this year, with a standard format for the results a good place to start! 

If you are still interested, my PayPal account is this email address: 

Thanks again for your interest and good luck, and please email if you have any questions that are not answered here.


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