Friday, 29 April 2011

Award Or Two

I need to clear more space. The awards just keep on coming, although it has to be said that the accompanying fame and fortune that usually goes with such recognition is sadly lacking.

The latest award is for Patient Speculation's Quotation of the Week and is detailed here, and while it may not be the Fields Medal, Abel or Pulitzer prize, or even an Academy Award, it's a start.

I'm hopeful that my post on QPR and backing the fear earlier today might win me another award. After reading the 'news' in the Sun, I layed QPR at 1.13 first thing this morning in the Winner market, and then told you all about the opportunity in true tipster style! The price now is around 1.5. Not too shabby without a ball being kicked as they say. There's a lot of nervous money that backed QPR at 1.07 to 1.16.

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