Tuesday 11 November 2014

Breaking Away

Not the title of the excellent coming-of-age / cycling film, but a reference to the fact that we have a new leader, and by some margin too. Fairfranco made 8.97 points, and has surged past Club Havana who lost 3.61 points. Randolph dropped 3.08 points and dropped behind Trend to end, who was idle.

Here are the top ten, and all up by ten points or more:

Other notable mentions from the profitable entries were BettingTools.co.uk, who was the biggest winner of the weekend making 10.91 points, and it was a good weekend for Drawmaster (6.79). Mountain Mouse was the biggest loser in this group Mountain Mouse dropping 5.04 points. Football Elite leads the Bounty Boys by some distance, and is currently the only one in profit up a very solid 14.78 points.

The remainder of the 16 in profit looks like this:
Draw Picks was the top boy in this group, making 5.89 points followed by Jamie A with a healthy 4.86. The 1.20 points for XX Draws looks rather poor compared with the other Draw entries. The biggest loser here was Abromo who lost 3.71 points.

In the red, but not yet dead, we have:
Four of these eight were idle this weekend, and the only two in profit were Betcast and Sjosta by 1.08 and 0.99 points respectively. TFA Draws had a small loss, and the biggest loser here was Football Investor who dropped out of the green with a loss of 5.04 points. Three of the Bounty Boys all cosy together in 19th through 21st place.

The final group of those down by double digits is:
Ian Erskine made the best profit here, up 6.02 points after what must have been a painful decision to lay Tottenham Hotspur. For the king of laying the draw, it was ironic that his two draw selections both came in. Online Trader was also up (4.37) as was last placed Paul Watson (3.43). Cassini Value dropped 5.37 points finding just one (odds-on) winner from seven selections, Mortimer dropped 4.70 points and @ValueBankFooty 3.53, (no winning double or treble this weekend), but poor Rubicon managed the unlikely feat of finding 15 losers out of 15.

Overall, the profit is up to 38.98 points, with the weekend adding 11.39 points, an ROi of 1.09%.

With three of the five draw entries in profit, I thought I would track the performance of a draw portfolio, and the ROI is currently 3.66%.
The November leader is BettingTools.co.uk, 13.96, followed by Football Elite 11.30 and Evertonian Fairfranco 10.73.

A quieter weekend anticipated with the big leagues taking yet another break, as indeed am I, but keep the entries coming and don't worry if there is a delay in updations, as some of my colleagues like to say.


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