Monday, 25 May 2015

FTL Penultimate Update May 25th

The big winner of the weekend was Gecko, who found eleven winners from his fifteen selections to make 15.90 points, enough to reclaim first place overall and take the lead in the April/May monthly competition. dropped to second with a couple of losing selections and with the finishing line in sight, it looks like the virtual League trophy will be headed to Adelaide.

Mountain Mouse hit three winners out of three for a 9.01 point gain, and up six places into profit, while Bounty Boy TFA Draws continued his good finish to the season with another winning week making 2.58 points and moving up four places - which at £25 a place means £100 saved on bounty payments.

Overall the round was profitable by 4.03 points, with the big losers being Jamie A who dropped 7.47 points and out of the green, closely followed by TFA Euro Draws who lost 7.41 points. The bottom (red) half of the table looks like this:
We're almost there, but one more round of Serie A  to come next Sunday before everything is wrapped up.

The final monthly prize race looks like this:
None of the three leaders have yet won a monthly prize, which means that it is likely the eight months will have seen seven different winners.

While most of the exact Bounty totals are not yet known, it is almost certain that Football Investor (Stewboss) will owe £500. The current state is:
Finally, some nice words from David, aka TFA_Raz, who wrote:
Just wanted to say a big thank you for all the effort you put into running the FTL. Entering it has added another dimension to the season for me and it's been a lot of fun! Shame it all went a bit pear shaped towards the end but oh well.
Thanks David.

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