Sunday, 2 April 2017

Opening Day 2017

Yesterday's April Fools' Day post caught many of you out judging by the number of victims clicking on the link to the rules, but the sad reality is that the nightmare of Premium Charges continues while the dream of a full refund remains just a dream, a rather distant one at that.

Aside from hilarious pranks such as this, the start of April traditionally means that baseball is back, and this year is no exception. The 2017 MLB season starts today with six teams in action, while the remaining 24 play tomorrow.

Martin Ortiz asked "Hey , what systems you use for the mlb season ?" 

I've given away enough ideas over the years, but the T-Bone System is one I'll be following again. Here are the results for the past ten seasons betting SU:

Betting on the Run Line has been the more profitable over the past three seasons:
But if you are expecting the Overs to have another season like last year, I fear you will be disappointed: 
Another ROI in the region of 17.8% is highly improbable. I'll also be continuing to follow an Unders / Overs system that has been consistent over the years until last season. We all have the occasional bad year, and what's 2.82 points between friends?:
I'll also tell you that teams with an Implied Probability of 75% or more were 100% in both 2014 and 2015, and while the number of selections shot up in 2016, the profits increased despite three losses. 
Not many selections, but fun and lucrative to parlay. Clayton Kershaw pitches for the Los Angeles Dodgers (-380) on Monday against Mrs. Cassini's San Diego Padres who have a good chance to be the worst team in the league.  

Hot favourites to repeat as World Series Champions are the Chicago Cubs.  

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