Saturday 28 October 2017

Jeff's Spreadie

I may have mentioned that most week days, I rather obsessively update my 'net worth' spreadsheet. My son mentioned today that Jeff Bezos would have had a good day yesterday, with Amazon up 13.22% yesterday.

I'm not sure that Mr. Bezos has a net worth spreadie, although he is a notorious micro-manager, but if he does, his recorded gain yesterday would have been $6.44 billion, give or take a million or two. 'New high' days are always special, and I hope he didn't miss the moment.

Amazon is up 46.8% year to date, and Jeff Bezos is once again the richest man in the world. 

Needless to say, my spreadsheet reflects a rather more modest financial situation, but the discipline required to track income, growth and expenses, is important whatever your net worth, though perhaps less important and a little more time consuming if you have $90 billion to track!

Perhaps it's not surprising that opinions on Bezos vary - in 2014, he was both ranked the best CEO in the world by Harvard Business Review and named World's Worst Boss by the International Trade Union Confederation

I'm not without honours myself, as I was once the World's Best Dad (I have the mug to prove it - it's listed as an asset on my spreadsheet with a valuation of 50p). 

I think I was also Employee of the Month sometime back in the 1990s, but the valued award has long since vanished. Mrs. Cassini has a habit of throwing out items that are, depending on who you ask, either extremely valuable or worthless crap.

Speaking of worthless crap, the NFL Small Road 'Dogs System continued its poor run on Thursday night with a shut-out 40 point loss. It's looking like a quiet day tomorrow with the outcome meaning we either stay in profit or go into the red for the season.

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fizzer555 said...


As I know you are a fan of great stats, here is one for the footy today that you just can't ignore.

In the flashscores preview of Leicester v Everton the most telling stat has got to be: -

In a record stretching back to Oct 2002, Everton have only suffered 2 defeats in 15, in the last match before Halloween.

Get on the Toffees!