Monday 28 May 2018

Bognor Regis Spoil The Party

As mentioned here previously, Pinnacle do have some interesting articles, but they have a habit of mistiming some of their publications and of recycling old ones that are no longer accurate. 

For an example of mistiming publication, here's a Tweet posted on May 10th concerning what can be learned from pre-season matches. 

My answer is "not a lot", but at least wait until the current season is over, and the World Cup done and dusted before publishing this.

As for recycling time sensitive articles, and also another example of poor timing, Pinnacle posted this yesterday: 
As a result of a year passing since the original article, two glaring errors are now present. One is that Germany is no longer unique among the big five European leagues in having a relegation / promotion play-off, as France now does this. The other is that this paragraph is now incorrect:
It is also interesting to note that only once in the last 15 years have all three newly promoted sides stayed in the Premier League in their first season (QPR, Norwich and Swansea in 2011/12).
All three clubs promoted to the Premier League in 2016-17 (Brighton and Hove Albion, Newcastle United and Huddersfield Town) survived this season, and uniquely not a single promoted team all the way down to the National League were relegated this season. Bognor Regis Town were relegated from the sixth level (National League South) to spoil the English party for promoted teams.

No promoted team was relegated from the Bundesliga or La Liga this season either, but the article's claim that only three of the last 18 promoted La Liga teams fails to mention that in 2015 Eibar finished the season in 18th place and were only reprieved from relegation by Elche's financial problems. Such details make a big difference. 

Even with up to date data, it's highly unlikely that any basic information of this nature will give you an edge. I track this sort of thing because I find it interesting. I'm not naïve enough to think I can profit from it. 

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