Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Segunda Finishes Second

Spain's Segunda División wrapped up at the weekend, finishing as mentioned previously, just behind Serie B, at least in terms of the Draw strike rate. 

As with Serie B, this league is another one where the Draw is perennially a relatively big hitter. For the past six seasons, the strike rates are:
For comparison, the EPL has not had a season in that range since 2010-11. Like its Serie B cousin, this league also has few matches where the Draw is at 4.0 or higher, fewer than 7% last season. 

The Draw was priced as favourite, or joint favourite in 16 matches, even more than Serie B's 10 matches, and was priced at 3.0 or shorter in 115 matches. ore evidence if needed, that this is a different world to the EPL, where in 7,220 matches, the Draw has never been favourite.  

Backing the Draw in 'close' matches had an ROI of 6.64%, and as with Serie B, the return in these matches where the home team is favoured is higher than when the away side is favoured.

Serie B and the Segunda División were the only two leagues of the 17 I follow where the Draw occurred in 30% or more matches. 

My original plan was to review each league in a separate post, but with other things going on in life right now, I'm not sure I can justify the time, at least not this month. Hopefully I'll have something before the new season starts which will give you a good shot at being profitable on Draw betting in 2019-20.

If anyone has any leagues they would like me to look at sooner, let me know. Choose from the list is on the left and I'll do my best.  


Unknown said...

What is a "close match"?

Jackson said...

Thanks for the informative posts here. I think France's Ligue 2 is also prominent when it comes to draws. I would appreciate your reviews of the same. I am also a punter with a heavy bias towards draws.