Friday 3 September 2021

August 2021 Review

August is behind us, and as I hinted at in this recent post, the month was a good one for baseball. Excluding the one-off pandemic season last year, Hot Favourites haven't had a losing August since 2010 and the "heart-of-the-season" months of May thru August are also extremely reliable with just two losing months from the last seven seasons:

September is the final full month of the regular season which includes three days in October, and the two months combined are usually profitable with just one losing year (2016) since 2011. 

The Totals systems are currently showing an ROI of 8.5% and a healthy profit with Unders now contributing about two-thirds of the profits from 267 selections versus Overs with 171: 
And while it's early days, the Draw is back in the English Premier League. For those following the 'close matches' system, the results so far are:
Overall it was another good month for the Cassini portfolio, with sports investments up close to 5%. 

Bitcoin continued its recovery, but Boeing and Lloyds Bank lost money for the second consecutive month, joined in the losers column by Berkshire Hathaway which was down nearly 13%. And still CMG hasn't split, although its price continues upward! 

It would be churlish to complain after ten consecutive months of gains though, and as long as the winners amount to more than the losers, I'm good. 

Individual stocks make up a small percentage (~8.5%) of my total investments so the 2.3% gain under 'Pension' is far more important in real terms, but it's so boring to be invested in Index funds. My (and hopefully your) preferred S&P 500 index is up over 20% already this year, while the FTSE 100 is up about half of that.
For most investors: 99% of good investing is doing nothing, the other 1% is how you behave when the world is going crazy. - Morgan Housel
Good luck to you all in September.

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jdean said...

hey. vig fan of the site. wish i had found it sooner.

do you have a post somewhere you outline some of the 'systems' you write about and how they work? f.e. the 'close matches' mentioned in this post?