Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Snowdon Summer Solstice Update

As mentioned in the previous post, this month has been one of parties and holiday, spending money and gaining weight rather than one for investing and dropping pounds. During my trip to Snowdonia, I went on (what is billed as) the fasted zip line in the world, and was quite pleased at the number displayed as I weighed in.

Unfortunately, it turned out the number was kilograms and not pounds and at the current exchange rate this means I'm looking at another negative month in this area. My wife and I did hike to the top of Snowdon and back again on the first day of Summer which would have burned a few calories, but this positive was more than offset by almost three weeks of enjoying life. And no broken leg on this hike which was a positive! 

The NBA playoffs wrapped up while I was away, with the Golden State Warriors winning their fourth title in eight seasons. Followers of the NBA Overs System will know that the traditional strategy ran into the problem of having very few selections with the rules changes made in the summer. The usual approach meant backing Overs in games where the line was set above 234 points, and while this strategy would have been profitable, there were only 80 selections all season.

After monitoring the impact of the rule change, in January I advised backing Overs when the total was set above 223 points and in 2022 the ROI on these has been 2.9% from 371 games.
After a rare losing mid-season month in May, backing Hot MLB Favourites looks to have returned to profitability this month, although we still have a few days to go. July will be interrupted by the annual All-Star game on the 19th, but other than the outlier of 2016, it's usually a strong month.

With the universal adoption of the Designated Hitter rule for this season, and likely for every season moving forward, (baseball purists will not be happy), I've not been investing in the Totals yet in matches involving National League teams. For the Overs system, this has saved me 8.8 units, while on the Unders it has saved me a whopping 31.7 units. Following the Totals system in American League matches only would have resulted in a very small profit of 1.8 units from 108 bets. With not much else going on these days for sports investing, I may take a look at the numbers so far this season over the next few days. 

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