Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Staying The Course

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine was sat next to a guy on the train who was studying the football page in the Racing Post.

Striking up a conversation, the guy started spilling his heart out about how lately he couldn't buy a winner and had had several consecutive losing weeks.

"I can't do anything right," he complained. "I do all my analysis, Overs/Unders, Home teams, Away teams, Favourites, Underdogs, Cup games, League games - but I just can't buy a winner. Penalties get missed. Goals get disallowed. Last second equalisers go against me. It’s the worst losing streak I’ve ever had."

After listening to this tale of woe for what seemed like an eternity, my friend helpfully suggested "Maybe you should switch to cricket for a while?"

"Cricket?!" the guy said, in a tone of disgust, "What the hell do I know about cricket?!"

OK, so it's an apocryphal story - (and I don't really have a friend).


Anonymous said...

With stories like that I'm not surprised.

TG. :-).

Cassini said...

Hey! That's one of my better ones!