Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Tennis Is No Djok

An ill advised bet on the King of Serbia went awry this morning. A great first set, but then Djokovic was in trouble, finally calling a medical time-out during the third set. By the time I went to cut my losses, the price had moved so far against me that I felt it was value to hold on and hope for the best. Actually, my hope was that although he might drop the third set, the temperature would cool down and the expanding shade would give Djokovic a chance to recover. (130F is hot!) It wasn’t to be. I threw my chair around (as seems to be the way after Djokovic’s matches), and put the result behind me.

Tennis is one of those annoying sports. Sometimes everything goes to plan, and other times, nothing I do is right. This morning was one of those times. The problem is that tennis is not a sort I enjoy watching. My bets are modest (relative to other sports), and I don’t put in the time or effort to study the results and statistics or rate the players like I do on other sports. I think I wrote a few days ago how it is important to do your homework so that you have confidence in your bets, but with tennis I don’t.

Stick with what I'm good at, I know.


Anthony said...

I like to trade tennis. It's the unpredictability that I like. I never study the stats, just take what might be a good position once something has happened and if it goes wrong just get the hell out! I know what you mean though, sometimes I can spend a morning getting everything wrong!

Cassini said...

Cutting your losses short and letting winning positions run is certainly good practice. I'm not sure what triggers your taking a position in the first place though. Do you just watch the game and try to get a feel for how it will play out?