Saturday, 30 May 2009

Blues Double

FA Cup Finals in both England and Scotland. In England, my value choice is the Blues. I think they will beat the other Blues even if it takes extra-time or penalties. In Scotland, Rangers, courtesy of my exclusive ratings, are value to win the trophy at anything over 1.33. Good luck finding that price. Which means of course that Falkirk are the value bet, but I won’t be backing them for the simple reason that Rangers rating is at an all-time high, and thus they are probably underrated. 1.14 may well be value, but I won’t be going near them at that price.

Back to the FA Cup in England and being serious for a moment, Everton are the value bet at 3.5 to win the FA Cup. I hope and believe that Chelsea will win the trophy, but at 1.4 are too short for me to back. I shall limit my financial involvement to trading the 2.5 goals market. The Overs at 2.56 looks tempting but I’ll wait until I see how the game goes before dabbling.

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