Thursday, 7 May 2009

Last Ever UEFA Cup Semi-Final Bet

I will never, ever again, bet on a UEFA Cup Semi-Final game.

At 1-2 to Werder Bremen, the last ever UEFA Cup semi-final was slipping away from the home side Hamburg. The 66th minute goal for Werder Bremen meant that Hamburg had to score to progress, and I strayed from my usual conservative style and lumped on the Over 3.5 at 1.59, expecting the price to be considerably less. I figured this was good value, expecting the game to open up and see goal scoring opportunities at both ends. One of my better moves if I say so myself. 17 minutes later the bet was in, and in fact the game finished 2-3. After-timing at its best I know, but with in-play trading, it's all but impossible to post bets before-hand, since the action depends on the game situation.

Incidentally, is it just me, or is German football lacking something that the game in England, Italy and Spain has?

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Rob The Builder said...

Showing your experience there. I always have my 'never again' moments shortly after watching my profits sail down the river.