Friday, 23 October 2009

Saturday Selections 24 Oct

Another weekend of football action and a different approach. One of the benefits of tweaking my Elo ratings recently is that I am now able to easily calculate an expected result, or at least an expected margin of victory.

I trialled this last Tuesday on the 12 Championship games, and they were reasonably accurate. The ratings predicted 7 home wins and all 7 resulted in home wins, 3 by the exact margin expected. Of the 5 draws predicted, 1 was a draw, 2 were away wins, and two were home wins.

Of course, this is all meaningless since I didn't record the match odds at kick-off, and all home teams may have been "1.01" shots, but it does show promise with regard to perhaps using the Correct Score markets.

I'm bored with trying to find the value in every game, so from now on I'll just pick the stand-out bets. So for tomorrow's Premier League matches, the best value bets are Aston Villa (2.18) to win at Wolverhampton Wanderers, Burnley (2.54) to win at home to Wigan Athletic, and Tottenham Hotspur (1.46) to beat Stoke City.

In the Championship, Preston North End (2.7) at home to Middlesbrough are the pick along with the draw at 3.6 Coventry City v West Bromwich Albion.

League One: Bristol Rovers (1.84) v Yeovil Town and Exeter City (2.22) v Wycombe Wanderers.

League Two: Shrewsbury Town (2.2) v Aldershot Town.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there! Nice betting blog, always interesting.

Just one thought regarding one of your previous posts. "When something looks to good to be true, it probably is". I remember you saying the key word here is 'probably' and the level of confidence given to the information you get. Well, something interesting happened in tennis this week. First, the talk of a fixed match, with a young very highly ranked russian playing starace, a far much better player. The russian was being backed, even heavily, trailing all along, and talk araised about another 'davidenko case'. The informator here were the odds. 'Odds dont lie' was the word repeated over and over in the forum. What happened? Starace won and people backing the russian probably felt very stupid. A few days later, the informator this time was a forumite catching live the talk in polish about wozniackis father telling her daughter to forfait the game when she was 5-0 up in the second set, having won the first set. This time the information was really too good to be true, imagine, earning 10 000 euros with a liability of just 100! And this time the informator was correct! I wonder how many people really thought this was 'probable' to happen. I suppose it was worth a go, but thats easy to say afterwards when you know the result. Probably more people gave more credibility to the 'odds not lying' than the 'i speak polish and her father said that'. 'Probably' is really the key word in the betting world, either when trusting the information about games or when choosing value when backing or laying a match. Another last thing about all those people being burned backing low odds. Is it really worth it? Do you really make money? I suppose you must, seeing the amount of money being matched, although, as you said, whats unbelievable sometimes is to see very low odds being matched even at the beginning of some games! The tough part is to see the value when laying those low odds, I suppose thats one the main reasons why youre successful in your betting.

Keep updating the blog.
All the best


Cassini said...

Hi Labro - thanks for your comment. I was planning on writing a post about the Wozniacki game anyway. A very unusual game. I must learn Polish! You mention that finding the value in laying low odds is tricky, but actually in some sports it's not that hard. The best seem to be the American sports, NFL, baseball and NBA where you can often see people trying to back at too short a price. Fear and greed drive the market. "Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful." Not my quote, but very appropriate. Good luck.