Friday, 17 September 2010

Seattle Storm

Women's sports are, for the most part, just not very interesting. From a betting perspective, the only women's sport I have any interest in is the WNBA, although I follow the tennis a little too. The latter's season has come to an end, with Seattle Storm sweeping Atlanta Dream in a best of five series. While liquidity is nothing like it is for the NBA, if you are into trading basketball, the WNBA isn't too bad. It's a rare NBA or WNBA game that sees the favourite ride the 1.01 express to victory.

It's also rare in to have a sports franchise in the USA whose name doesn't end in an 'S'. Just a handful in the traditional sports, but the newer soccer and WNBA leagues don't seem quite so obsessed with names such as Storm, Dream, Shock, Sun, Mercury, Lynx, Liberty, Sky and Fever in the WNBA (67%) and Fire, Crew, Revolution, Union, Galaxy, Dynamo and Impact among current, or future, MLS teams. The MLS is obsessed with names referring to natural phenomena! I found myself diverted to several minutes of fascinating reading on Football Club names at Wikipedia, although I didn't know that Newport County are an English Club.

Nick B mentioned something that I meant to comment on yesterday, but completely forgot about, with regard to the Foxes and Chickens in the Betfair Coop. He wrote:

He forgot to mention the sums of 'punters' money that are taken everyday from the pool by the Betfair bet matching bot. In the old days that's money that would have been re-cycled but in their wisdom Betfair, as with the Premium Charge, didn't things through!
I touched on the subject of cross-matching in June, and certainly the additional penny pinching doesn't help either the Foxes or the Chickens!

For the football later today, the ratings have Accrington Stanley by one over Lincoln City, and Luton Town by the same over AFC Wimbledon.

The weekend predictions include Chelsea by 3 over Blackpool, and are at 2.6 on the Asian Handicap -3.

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Anonymous said...

Another thing you need to realise with the Betfair matching bot is that most of the matching is done as bets enter the system and never see light of day on the exchange. This not only reduces the impression of liquidity in the markets but also has many knock on effects which I won't go into here.