Thursday, 23 February 2012

Accidents Will Happen

A lucky break last night thanks to yet another Betfair site issue. With about three minutes left of the Minnesota Timberwolves v Utah Jazz game, the SUSPENDED banner appeared as I was trying to lock in around £250 green on both sides. (That's some of my money sitting there at 2.12). This occasionally happens close to the end of a game when some inexperienced junior working the night shift thinks the game is over, when there is still 0.8 of a second left (a long time in the NBA), but rarely with three minutes left. At the time, the Utah Jazz were up by one, but after taking a lead, then giving it up in what was probably a very exciting final few minutes (I missed it due to chest pains, dizziness, nausea etc.) the game was tied 98-98 with 7 seconds left, and still SUSPENDED.

As the clock went to 0:00, Luke Ridnour hit the game winner, and instead of winning £250 I was left holding close to an extra £400 (excluding commission). Whatever the issue was, and however fortunate the outcome on this occasion, it is not the way I want to be playing this game. In this case, the worst that could have happened was not too bad, although I would have been justifiably seething, but it is not unusual to have significant four figure sums at risk, although I have no intention of losing that amount. When something like this happens, it does shake your confidence in the platform though. Our Premium Charge money at work.

Anyway, the £2k loss is now recovered, ahead of schedule, and the green is once again bold on the spreadsheet. Onward and upward, or it would be were I not headed to the slippery slopes this weekend, where it'll be all downhill. White all over in fact.

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swearbox said...

It doesn't happen too often but sometimes the suspend monkey is our friend :-)

Thanks for adding me back.