Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Baking And Eggs

July has been a very lazy month from a betting perspective, and with no blog post for over a week, from a blogging perspective too. My rather smart son graduated last week with a first in Accounting and Finance, and that was an incredibly special and proud moment although tinged with some disappointment as he appears poised to take his talents into the world of business rather than into the world of sports investing. He must have read my advice in this blog on the importance of establishing a career first, with plenty of opportunity for trading in your spare time.

Layed In Running

I also had a week with the wrinklies, aka my parents, who remarkably seem to be able to lead their lives without a computer or Internet access. I couldn't even rely on my iPhone as they live in a valley where coverage is spotty, but they do at least have a TV and a teapot which meant I could watch a lot of Tour de France this year, and drink a lot of tea, although why my Mother feels the need to inquire as to whether I take milk and sugar EVERY time I visit is quite baffling. I am not a baby cow, and nor do I need to be any sweeter than I am already.

As a former, and it has to be said (modestly), rather successful former British professional cyclist myself, Bradley Wiggins' triumph was of particular interest, and the race was made even more incredible for Britain by the success of Mark Cavendish and David Millar winning stages and second place overall in Chris Froome. I remember 45 years ago reading about the death of Tom Simpson at the same breakfast table in the same house as I was at again last week. I don't mean that Tom Simpson died at my Mother's breakfast table. Her eggs can be a little undercooked, but they were not responsible for Simpson's death. He actually died on a climb up Mont Ventoux on a baking hot day. Limited by race organisers to four bottles of water in days before the effects of dehydration were understood, Simpson paid the ultimate price for taking amphetamines and alcoholic stimulants.

Wiggins has now traded as low as 1.71 for an unprecedented second consecutive cycling BBC Sports Personality of the Year award this year, and the first for England since 2006, but as my son Cassini Jr BA(Hons) pointed out, in an Olympic year, this could turn out to be a little early to be so low. It would take something special to beat Wiggins, especially as he actually does seem to have a personality, but these markets can be dodgy. Just look at the last English winner - it was Zara Phillips, from the ridiculous, although admittedly dangerous, sport of Eventing - the equestrian triathlon. Not that the dressage phase is dangerous. Just ridiculous.

Less than three weeks to go before the big leagues return to action. Ligue 1 opens up on Friday 10th August with champions Montpellier at home to Toulouse. Paris St Germain are 1.33 to win the title this season, positively a longshot when compared with Celtic priced at 1.05 to win the Scottish Premier League before a ball is kicked. Only the top leagues in Italy and England have every team priced at evens or greater, with Real Madrid and Bayern Munich both at around 1.9 to win their leagues. While Bayern Munich top my ratings in Germany, Real Madrid in Spain do not.

I still have some catching up to do on emails, requests and reading other blogs, so bear with me if you are waiting.

For XX Draw subscribers, I'll be sending out another test email this week, and updating the web site with the opening weekend selections.

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