Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Forum Rename

Back in March 2004, upon joining Betfair, I created a Forum name, a rather lame one in hindsight, but when I went to change it, I was told this was not possible. At long last Betfair have added this feature, and you will not be surprised to read that my rare posts there are now under the Cassini name. Any hopes I had that the forum might be a source of inspiration were soon dashed, but I do occasionally check in, and even more rarely, add my thoughts. The latest subject to catch my eye is the evergreen Slicer's Bet, still being discussed it  appears, encouraged by the admittedly charismatic 'Dr. Slicer' himself. I often check to see what search terms result in hits on this blog, and it's rather sad to see how often 'slicer' or 'holy grail' are searched for. When you title a post ...Slicer's Holy Grail found it's not surprising that people end up here. I hope they aren't too disillusioned.

I may have spoken a little too soon about July being a poor month. The last week of the month often offers value opportunities for some strange reason, (just kidding, value is value whatever the date), and I found a couple of rather decent wins on last night's baseball, if I do say so myself. And it's about time. The Oakland Athletics selection is still in doubt as I write this, tied 3-3 with the Tampa Bay Rays (top of the 15th) but the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and the Arizona Diamondbacks came through winning on both handicaps (+1.5,-1.5) as well as Match Odds. Barring a disaster on day 31, this may yet be one of the better summer months of recent years. The wins also means that my balance finally saw a new high again, after 105 days of trying to recover from my usual April disaster.

For those of you XX Draw Subscribers concerned you have missed anything, you haven't. The selections for opening weekend in Ligue 1 will be emailed along with the password for the XX Draw Selections page just as soon as the kick-off dates are confirmed. Betfair have yet to list the markets.

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fairfranco said...

looks like your name will be changing back:

"As some customers will be aware, a technical fault has meant that some forum users have changed their chat names recently. We fixed the problem yesterday, and today we have undertaken work to change chat names back to what they were before the issue started.

We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused, and would ask any customers who believe their chat name has been incorrectly changed today to email forum@betfair.com"