Saturday, 28 July 2012

Opening Thoughts

When I wrote yesterday that it was time to watch my brother-in-law's oak tree (realistic enough that the usually thorough Sun - and others - thought it was real) take centre stage in the opening ceremony, I didn't actually realise the prominent position it would have. Even my Mum will have tired of pointing out to my Dad "Look John, there's Simon's tree". At least, I hope so. I'm not usually a big fan of opening ceremonies, nor of royalty, but this one was a lot better than most, with the Queenie / James Bond / helicopter piece very funny indeed. We are amused. The show was a little political, (Hands off the NHS, Doreen Lawrence, CND) but I personally had no complaint with that. The significance of many moments would have been missed by many non-Brits, and even by some Brits it seems. The scene from Kes was brief, and anyone much younger than me is likely to have missed it. How many realised the top hats represented Isambard Kingdom Brunel? The lighting of the cauldron by the next generation was perfectly in sync with the winning bid's promise to leave a lasting legacy, a point that seems to have been missed by some. All in all, it worked very well, although the finish was a bit weak in my opinion. It was a bad night for cynics, that's for sure.

The road race currently in progress is around my old stomping grounds in Surrey. I know Dorking and Box Hill very well. In fact, were it not for the camp grounds atop Box Hill, you would not be reading this - my parents met there one summer weekend in 1954! Man, they are getting old.

A Gold for Mark Cavendish would be a great start for GBR, and no one can beat him if it comes down to the likely sprint finish, although the breakaway has a 9+ minute lead right now. Trading in the 1.4s, Cavendish will start drifting if the gap doesn't close soon.


SoccerDude said...

"How many realised the top hats represented Isambard Kingdom Brunel?"

The top hats did not represent him. Kenneth Branagh represented him!

SoccerDude said...

Oh, and sadly, I am old enough to have recognised the clip from Kes. I shouted out to my kids,

"Oh, look, that's from Kes! Great film. I loved that film."

After describing the film to my son, he now wants to watch it.