Monday, 6 January 2014

2013 Most Read Posts

For no particular reason other than it is now 2014, here are the top five most Green All Over read posts of 2013.

Number one was More Omelettes - No particular theme to this general post, but probably popular for either a mention of Peter Nordsted's Premier Betting Account Bet selection strategy or for the post's exposing NBA Tips whose two 'experts' thought that there were either 1,283 or 1,222 games in a regular NBA season - there are in fact 1,230.

This theory gains credibility, when the number two most read post is Rose-ier Betting Results which highlighted more than a few accounting irregularities with the good people of NBA Tips.

In the number three post, Defining Moment, Peter Nordsted's strategy of putting all, or at least more than one of, his eggs in one basket was looked at, and again NBA Tips was mentioned, along with Mark Iverson's Soccer In Play app.

Number four was a fairly mundane FTL update, with a mention of Ian Holloway doing the opposite of BIRGing, something that perhaps was a tell that all was not well in the dressing room and that he would soon be off.

Fifth most popular was the A Tangled Webb post on Peter Webb's comment that in some games "you should have struggled to lose money if you were trading" and the problems of leaving a comment on his blog.

The all-time leader remains the Free Betting Systems post, and before you all request them from me, I do not have them any more, followed by A Betfair Story, which is one of those posts where most of the content was written by someone else. Hmm. 

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