Monday, 20 January 2014

FTL Update 20.1.14

Another weekend behind us, and another week closer to the end of the season. Highlights from this weekend's entries in the FTL table as far as positions are concerned are the rise of Drawmaster (Peter Nordsted) by four places into fifth place overall (third place for the cash) and the drops by three places each of Jamie A and The Football Analyst.

The top two remain in the same positions - Cassini Value Selections adding 2.66 and Hofs Hackers adding 1.52. Skeeve is in 3rd with his 'Official' selections, and his FTL eligible entry is in 4th place.

Interestingly, all the entries in profit by double figures are extremely selective, as illustrated by the corresponding double figure ROI percentages. It seems logical that the popularity of football and football betting would result in broadly efficient markets, and if you accept this premise, by definition you realise that the matches where you may have an edge will be few and far between.

Here are the entries currently in profit:

The middle order, those in the red, but not by much (i.e. single digit deficits), looks like this:
The Football Analyst's bounty liability increases to £225 after another poor weekend, but he is not too far off the pace and a good weekend could make a huge difference.

And those who are somewhat off the pace:
Scott's profit of 7.22 points on the weekend is a little lost with the big red numbers, but it was good enough to move him up one place in the standings. 

Several entrants were inactive this week, Murphy's Law, Forza Fizzer and Graham Carter, as well as the XX Bundeslayga system which had no matches to choose from. Back next week though. 
As always, please let me know if you see any errors. 

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