Thursday, 14 August 2014

Princes Or Paupers?

Just five places remain in the FTL so if you are tempted, dally no longer.

I had assumed that they had died years ago, so it was quite a surprise when the Duke Brothers signed up. They may have failed to corner the market in frozen orange juice back in 1983, but are presumably looking to recoup some of those losses from the FTL. Whether or not they'll be trading places as the season unfolds remains to be seen.

Stevie G has also entered, hoping to go one better than another Stevie G who led most of the way last season before letting it slip at the end.

The current list of entries in alphabetical order is:

If you want to change your entry name or colour scheme, let me know, and if you want to fill one or more of the five remaining places on a first come, first served basis, £52.50 per entry to calciocassini @ via PayPal please.

This is the current state of play for entries who have seen action:
A reminder that entries for the weekend (games through Monday) should be in by midnight tomorrow.

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The Soccer Doctor said...

Hey Cassini, Still got places left?