Saturday, 23 August 2014

Wisdom Of The FTL Crowd

With only two of 33 (yes, 33, more on that later) FTL entrants currently in profit, it might be a good idea not to go too mad on the table below, but it summarises the opinions of the entrants as to where the value lies this weekend in the EPL.

Note I wrote "where the value lies", which is quite different from predicting who will win. For example, most people are avoiding Chelsea v Leicester City this weekend, but the two who are playing both see the value on the Away team. Not much interest in Tottenham Hotspur v Queens Park Rangers either.

The match with the most interest is the Southampton v West Bromwich Albion game where eight people have found value, but not all on the same outcome.

As for the 33, this came about because the final two both entered on the same day, and the one that was 33rd to show interest (Betcast) was the 32nd to pay, and offered a sponsorship. The 32nd to show interest (Gecko) paid soon after, so I will be recording one more set of results than planned. Not a big deal, and the total guaranteed prize fund closes at £2,250. The other adjustment I need to make with 33 entries is that whoever is in 33rd (i.e) last place after the selection weekend of September 20th will miss out on a place in the Erskine Cup. I hope it's not Ian Erskine!

Entries from 21 of the 33 this weekend, so the pace is picking up.

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