Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Weekend Round Up 19.Aug.2014

Fairfranco and Online Trader both lost points, but remained the only entries in profit, and thus the money, after the weekend's results.

Thirteen of the (now) 30 entries have opened the season in the red, which means that 15 are still keeping their powder dry.

Sponsor The Football Analyst has clarified his strategy for the season and you can read his post in full here, but the key points are that his 'Bounty Entry' for us to beat will be system D1-D6 while his second entry will be DE1-DE6.

Abromo did have a couple more "winners" on his unders selections, but unfortunately they were from Poland, and as I wrote back in July:

As I use the Pinnacle Sports quoted prices from the Football Data.co.uk web site to record the results, selections are restricted to the leagues they cover, which are in England (top 5 leagues), Scotland (top 4), the top two in France, Germany, Italy and Spain, plus the top league in the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Turkey and Greece.
The XX Draws are off to a slow start, not helped by Tottenham Hotspur's 93' winner at West Ham United.

With both of Graeme's FTL entries being Draw systems, he says "I’m sure Cassini doesn’t mind a little bit of competition. :)" Not at all. We have Draw Picks and Peter Nordsted's Drawmaster that are pure draw selections, but none of us have started too well.

Another FTL sponsor, and last season's FTL prize money winner, Skeeve has returned to blogging after five years. Add him to your blogroll. His Croatia Football Bets are worth a look also - nicely in profit so far this season:
A couple of other opening EPL weekend comments, and perhaps some of you read my Arsenal v Crystal Palace preview last week, which include these prescient words:
I also mentioned in the Cassini Newsletter to subscribers that:
Some of you may be interested to know that over the last three EPL opening weekends, laying the favourite in all 29 matches would have produced 16 winners and a ~5.06 points profit. There’s usually a surprise or two somewhere.
This strategy was again profitable, although not by much. Five of the first six matches came in, but the final four favourites of the weekend (Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea) all won to trim the profit to about 0.67 points. That late Spurs winner hurt us here as well.

Early days of course, and there are now just two places remaining in the FTL to make it a nice round 32 entries. Steve M of Daily 25 fame and fortune has confirmed his entry, (he will start tied for 4th place) with the entry name Daily 25.

I'm sure most readers will be familiar with Steve. He is Australian based and his blog is far more than a P&L blog. He tells it like it is in typical Aussie style, or at least he tells it how he sees it, and when he is not taking the bookmakers to the cleaners, he is busy working on a e-book. Meanwhile you can sign up for his newsletter.

And finally, one more FTL entrant is Marc at @ValueBankFooty and he has a site here to check out.


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