Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Brest In Show

The FTL continues to take shape. We are up to sixteen paid entries, with three more promised, and this now includes Matt ( of Football Elite ) and Peter Nordsted who will be entering his Drawmaster selections.

Matt looks like he will also be offering a bounty to anyone finishing ahead of the net of his Recommended Bets, Vulnerable Home Favourites and Football League bets, and I suspect it will be the same bounty terms as the generous The Football Analyst, Football Investor and Skeeve have already committed to, i.e. £25 to each entry finishing ahead of them up to £500.

We also welcome back Fairfranco from last season, hoping to improve on his 13th place last time out after a disappointing run from February took him out of the profit and prize money finish he held at the start of that month:

He's off to a good start as the first selection of the season was Brest (~1.95) who came from behind to beat Clermont last night in Ligue 2.

We also have an entry sent our way from TFA Graeme, UK_Raz, and here is the latest list of entries along with the estimated prize money for the League, the monthly prizes and of course the Erskine Cup which will start in November, if not sooner.
As the only entry in profit, Fairfranco is currently looking at a cash prize of £1,104.

But wait, there's more - there's also the August / September monthly prize of £17, plus £100 in bounty money - not too shabby for an investment of just £52.50.

With a cap of 32 entries, there are just 13 spots remaining. Rules and details can be found here. Don't wait too long.  

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