Saturday, 30 August 2014

S Club 7 And Clive Dunn

The Wisdom of the Crowd last week gave us just three winners from the 10 EPL matches, and a 1.54 point loss at Pinnacle Sports' prices. Two draws, Everton v Arsenal and Hull City v Stoke City, and Manchester City's Monday night win were the only winners if backing the most popular crowd choice in each game. The Hull v Stoke draw price with Pinnacle was a rather low 3.18, exactly the same as for this fixture one year ago which finished 0:0. Not much has changed since December apparently.

Here's the table for this week's games:

Only two Home teams are reckoned to represent value, Newcastle United v Neil Warnock's Crystal Palace in a mid-table clash and the Everton v Chelsea.

There has been some discussion this week on what to name the top seven clubs in England, a group that seem to be rather boringly cemented unfortunately, and the other 13. Super Seven or Superior Seven were suggested, although I liked the proposed shortened version of S Club 7. A little catchier than any of the latter's songs. Threatened Thirteen had a nice ring about it too.

FTL leader Drawmaster (Peter Nordsted +5.47) is going for the following draws this weekend in his bid to extend his lead:
And finally, congratulations to FTL sponsor Graeme (TFA), who now has another mouth to feed after giving birth to a 9lb girl this week.

Steve (Daily 25) M is also expecting, which all makes me feel rather old as the next baby in the Cassini line (due early November) will make me either a granddad or a grandma - not sure yet, as the gender is going to be a surprise.

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