Saturday, 15 April 2017


Trader 247 commented on my Angels, Kings and Zombies post:

Thanks for the mention, always boosts view count.
May I draw your attention to some blatant plagiarism from which I received a link pingback on my blog -
They haven't even bothered correcting your typo on the first line (which I know you include to catch out lazy plagiarists).
Yes! Any typos that slip through the cracks should always be viewed as intentional "fingerprints" or "copyright traps" whose purpose is to catch out potential plagiarists. This blog does not make mistakes, but the intentional "fingerprint" has now been corrected - I mean removed.

Is it a problem that my posts are reproduced elsewhere? The site in question does link back to the source, and as the expression goes - imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I'm not really sure why a pretty crappy Poker web site would be interested in revelations that the life of Caan Berry isn't quite what he makes it out to be, but presumably any content is better than none when your goal is clicks.

It's a compliment that someone thinks my ramblings have some appeal, and the more eyes that see my posts, the better. Whether they read my words of wisdom here or via another site really doesn't matter. Unfortunately, wherever people read them, the vast majority see what they want to see and gloss over any inconsistencies that disrupt the narrative. Anyone pointing out inconsistencies or logical fallacies is condemned as "jealous" or lacking the talent that their hero of choice claims to have. If someone wants to believe that, for example, we can all win at tennis trading, then most people will continue to believe that, however carefully you explain the illogicality of it. 

There are exceptions. I spent some time this week looking at an observation Statistical Trading (@Statsbet) had made, and my conclusion was that the evidence to date is inconclusive. Results from less than one full season are more likely to be a blip than a trend, but it's worth monitoring. Statsbet made the comment that:
I can't believe I have been so stupid before really, my time on trading compared to returns is pointless set and forget and trends is the way
It's a conclusion I have come to a while ago, and have mentioned here several times explaining my rationale, so perhaps some messages are getting through. 

The League Two Away trend has continued to do well, although Good Friday was a bad Friday saved by Morecambe's win at Stevenage which kept the loss to 2.48 points. Overall this season, 504 matches, +50.12 points, ROI 9.94%.

The NBA Play-offs tip off today, and the value these days (based on last two seasons) is on the Unders.
BLUnders selections (lower rows) are rare in play-offs, but they're strong.

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James said...

How dare Trader247 accuse my hero of using deliberate typos!

He's just jealous that my hero is illiterate and couldn't spell correctly if his life depended on it.

Did I do right master? Will your specialness rub off on me?