Saturday 15 April 2017

Vanishing Pool

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I had been asked to contribute to a feature called "My Biggest Win" in a hundred words or less, and Antoine Anchovy, a name that sounds a little fishy and may not be his real name, has finally published it, along with several other less interesting "biggest wins". I may be slightly biased, but to me, mine was by far the most exciting.

The 100 word limit seems not to have been enforced with too much rigour, for example the legend that is Joseph Buchdahl was allowed to get away with 714 words, (more evidence that life is just not fair) but his was at least an interesting tale, even if the actual amount won wasn't enough to pay for a one day PeeWee trading class.

Check the tales out here at Betting Experts Share Their Biggest Win. A number of sports are represented, Football, NFL (American Football), Rugby Union, NBA (Basketball), Horse Racing as well as the Weather, Matched Betting and a claim that "all my wins are equal" (because he bets a flat 3% on every bet) accompanied by the advice that:

If a win feels big, then you are probably playing too much on that game and not staying with the proper parameters of your money management system.
Well, that told us! While 2% is a good stake if you're not sure how large an edge you have, when a big opportunity comes along, i.e. the edge is significantly higher, then you really do need to raise your stakes.

The email went into my spam folder by mistake, but a few days ago someone pointed me to evidence that full-time trader Caan Arthur Berry isn't actually a full-time trader at all, but employed as a Solar Panels salesman by Oakwood Energy of Winsford. 

I actually mentioned something similar back in January, so it's not new news but perhaps not everyone has been reading my blog, in which case why not?  

Caan appears to have resigned or had his position terminated after less than nine months in the job, back in October 2015, perhaps as James suggests:
However, selling PDFs as non-returnable digital media on PayPal has proven more lucrative than selling solar panels with their annoying money-back guarantees.
However, this site suggests he is still an active Director, although the company doesn't appear to be set to challenge Apple any time soon.

Interestingly, the address he listed when his position was terminated or resigned was bought in April 2008 for £118,000 and sold for £112,000 in November 2016. Whether Caan owned this house is doubtful, but it wouldn't represent one of his best trades if he had, so bear this in mind if he starts selling PDFs on Flipping Houses.

Caan's latest venture is Sports Investments (UK) Ltd, incorporated in August 2014, and registered to what appears to be a rented property in the shadow of Stansted Airport in Essex. 

Bizarrely, not a swimming pool in sight.

The company classification is "Retail sale via mail order houses or via Internet (47910)". This enterprise seems similarly unlikely to be added to the FTSE 500 any time soon:
£142. Goodness. 

Is it just me, or does anyone else find it curious that the same man who is supposedly looking at buying a new car in the £60,000 range, enjoying unlimited freedom and travel sipping cocktails by the pool, is the same man who doesn't own his own home, never mind with a pool, somehow forgets to mention his career in the solar panels industry even once in his blog, and has a net worthless which wouldn't buy him a morning session at one of PeeWee's courses, and barely shoes for his sons. 

The next accounts are due by the end of next month. Someone remind me in June please, as they could make interesting reading. 

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