Saturday, 22 April 2017

Survivorship Bias

Courtesy of xkcd and @day25

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James said...

I guess that one day Cassandra... I mean Cassini is going to correctly call an election. ;)

I find it disheartening that someone like Jordan Belfort (whose only record of 'success' is a charge sheet) should now be a motivational speaker.

What on Earth does he teach, Crime 101?

And what are the imbeciles parting with their money think they are going to learn? How to run a pump and dump operation? How to scam people? Well, they are learning that with hands on experience of scamming themselves out of their own money.

The web is a powerful research tool and yet the majority of its users prefer to go to forums and ask dumb questions or sign up for a course. Not once do they think, "Maybe I can research my question through a search engine to find a balanced answer" or "I can check out this person promising me a beach lifestyle".

The more simple you expect life to be the harder you make life for yourself.