Monday, 12 May 2008

All Or Nothing

How fickle the gods of gambling are. After a positive start to my Sunday with a lay of the Over 2.5 goals in the Chelsea - Bolton game (I love those pre-game odds-on Overs bets) my day got steadily worse.

I then lost all the winnings from the above bet when the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim couldn't hold on to a lead, and market illiquidity meant that I was unable to lay my 'value' investment off.

I did admittedly make a small sum on the Utah Jazz - Los Angeles Lakers game, but lost that and much more on the San Antonio Spurs - New Orleans Hornets game when the Spurs just ran away with the game after half-time.

New strategy for the NBA play-offs - back the home team pre-game and go to bed. 14 of 15 conference semis have been won by the home team. Cue a win for the Boston Celtics tonight...

And finally a value bet in the late baseball game between the Minnesota Twins and the Boston Red Sox went pear shaped although the Red Sox did come within a hit of giving me a nice win. They do say it's a game of inches.

And so after twelve consecutive months of profitablity, I am now in the red for May but with 21 days to recover and maintain my streak.

But it does seem to me that there are times when everything you touch turns to gold, or at least green, and other times when nothing you do is right.


John said...

In the first two games, it was the Hornets who thought everyone how to play championship winning ball.

Then in Game 3 & 4, SA Spurs were back to their usual self.

I wonder how would Game 5 end?

First thing is that Spurs are coming with a much better form. However they have never played in NO.

I'm pretty sure you might have your own thoughts about the game. Would love to hear them from you...

Anonymous said...

What are your Saturday MLB opinions?

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Cassini said...

Where's my edge with casino gambling? I might as well throw my money down the toilet.