Wednesday 21 May 2008

So THAT's Why They Call It Gambling

Two bad days on the NBA to report. Sunday, I made the mistake of getting involved in a game knowing that I would only be able to watch the first half and of course got caught on the wrong side of a run by the Celtics who were up by nine at the half. The question was cut my losses and 'red-up' at a loss of £1,846.89 or leave a bet out there in the hopes that it would get hit. I decided to take the loss and of course the Cavaliers came back to within 1 in the fourth quarter which, had I been home, would have meant not only getting out with no loss, but also with a healthy profit. But my mistake for getting involved in the first place.

Now to Monday's loss. Hornets at home in Game 7, down by 10 against the Spurs at half-time, and the Spurs trading at 1.5x. I was quite convinced that the Hornets would make a run at some point, and I guess they did by getting within 3 with 1 minute left in the game, but unfortunately that was too late to allow me to get out of another big loss. £3,885.62 to be precise. All rather depressing really, but that's life. I've had a stellar run of 12 winning months, so if May ends up being a loser, and it will take a minor miracle for it not to, then it's not the end of the world. I hate to think that I was chasing on the second bet, but if I am honest with myself, I was. I do take big positions where I think there is value, but I held on longer than I should have done, so lessons learned, back to basics and onward and upward.


M.C. Dumps said...

Hey homey, like the blog. I dropped $20 on the Pistons to beat the Celtics on the series. I like the Lakers too. That Hornets loss kinda surprised me, but I thought the Lakers would be ownin' them Hornets, knowwhatimean?

Anonymous said...

Reading both your articles i thinkits time you describe and remind us about bankroll Managment...its the most important thing 2 be a 1%winning gambler. just back playing poker and im sticking to it you thoughts on BRM what % do you look 2 take a loss?? and not let ur bets ride like your last2. ty gavin

Cassini said...

Thanks for the comments.

I'll write a post later today concerning bankroll management, but I fear you will be disappointed.

Anonymous said...


hope you were not upset by my little one-liner.

If you get a chance update blog as we all like reading it.

The Gambler.

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