Monday, 14 October 2013

Patriots Altar Saintly Outcome

It was not a good weekend for Mr. Walsh, or more specifically his NFL selections. Three winners and four losers so far, for a guaranteed loss on the weekend even if the Monday Night Football selection obliges.

John was a bit unlucky really. The Carolina Panthers @ Minnesota Vikings bet lost by a point, and only a last minute comeback from the New England Patriots saved them from a defeat to the New Orleans Saints. The unbeaten Denver Broncos versus the win-less Jacksonville Jaguars wasn't quite the 26 point thrashing the market expected, with the Broncos winning by 16. 

As for the FTL, the numbers for the weekend are updated and the big winners were Forza Fizzer (up 5 points) closely followed by The Football Analyst who gained 4.62. Skeeve made a profit as did Punters' Friend Neil, and debutant Fairfranco opened with a 2.55 point loss. Scatter Gun lost 3.60 points and dropped 7 places.

With Fairfranco's entry fee added, first place (XX Draws Under 2.5) is now worth £200, second place (Skeeve) £100, third (XX Draws) £60 and fourth place (Emp) £40. The Football Analyst moves into tenth place with only eight entries ahead of him now eligible for a £25 bounty bonus. There is one minor error in the Amateurs total in the image below, (forgot to include Fairfranco) but that has been resolved. Please let me know if there are any other mistakes, and I will address them. 

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