Tuesday, 18 March 2014

FTL Update - Short Version

It's taken longer than usual to update the FTL table this morning, so time only for the screenshots with the briefest of comments. A fuller summary to come. Note that the updates include midweek games from last week as well as this weekend.

In Profit

Only positional change here is that the XX Draws (Under) move into the top six at the expense of Webbo.

In Contention
The big change here is the six places dropped by The Football Analyst with three winners from 21 selections, and a loss of 14.34 points. It also means the bounty liability increases to £300.

For those following the SoTDoc selections, they had their best week so far finding 5 winners (from 18 selections) and losing just 1.83 points.
As always, please let me know of any errors. Jamie A always does!

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