Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Karma Has Your Address

This blog appears to be going from the FTL frying pan into the Tennis Trading fire, but comments make the next post so much easier to generate. Martin replied to my last post:
Yes, I still agree with my posts you quoted. It's almost impossible to make a living from trading. That's why I return to a normal job. If I make some side income, it's nice, if not it's not the end of the world.

I think you overrate the courtsiders as an opponent. If you trade smart, you don't play in 99% of the cases against them (an exception could be an injury). I don't enter during a point, I protect my money against the hoovering. They are involved in a different way (scalping for the "dumb money").
About Sultan, perhaps you have inside knowledge about him. In my opinion he has great knowledge of tennis markets and players. That's his edge against the average punter. He is something like the Mark Iverson of Tennis (at least I believe this fairy tale). He was just a bit naive about his Academy and some posts at his blog. I didn't feel bad energy when I was in contact with him. That was a different story with the guy, which scammed me.
About the scam... http://www.geekstoy.com/forum/showthread.php?4285-When-something-sounds-too-good
Well I was quite naive, but he played a "smart game" with me with live trading sessions over Facebook messengers and print screens of his profits. He just started again his scam:
https://twitter.com/traderferdi. This time under the nickname Ferdinand Delesse. Again the same way with a facebook page and fake profits: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ferdinand-Betfair-Delesse/847194832026769?fref=ts
I am with you, how in the hell you can enjoy stolen money. One day he will be punished for that. What comes around, goes around. Perhaps is not possible to catch him by authorities (in the internet you are anonymous and I have no clue about his true identity... beside police was not really helpful), but I am sure that his punishment will come one day in his life. I am not really religious, but I believe in justice.
As I have said many times, trading tennis in-play, whether your entry /exit points are after a point or a game or a set or mid-point, you are ALWAYS betting against others who are ahead of you. If you get matched, it's because it was a poor value price for you - or else it would have been taken already. It really seems delusional to think otherwise unless you consider yourself a better judge of value than the full-timers.

I have nothing more to say on The Sultan other than that if you have a few hours to spare, read through the blog from start to latest, and ask yourself if the tale makes sense. Frankly if you have that many hours to spare, you'd be better off reading this blog from start to finish, but I may be biased. Mark Iverson was for the most part a solid guy (although his Soccer In Play app was disappointing) and an excellent cricket trader. I worked with him on some NFL games a few seasons back, and he had a different approach to me, preferring his action gentle and early and then stepping back, whereas I preferred more foreplay with the action coming later with the bigger swings found later in games. He had some strange ideas about calendar months too, which

Martin's 'friend' Ferdi (Gustave Fernandez) does indeed seem to have started again on Twitter. I'm surprised the police were not more helpful. For 60 € or 600 € maybe they're not interested, but 60,000 € is a lot of money. I'd suggest looking for some Investigative Service Firms, and once you have a name and some proof, go to the Police. He's been around since at least 2009 I see, and they will be more interested if you have a name and if the attempted fraud is ongoing.

Karma may be a pleasing idea, but like god, it doesn't exist and thus needs a little help (although Claire Lavogez might be wondering about karma right now). I'd rather rely on myself and the law if I were down 60,000 € to a scam but if you gave over control of your account, unfortunately you may not have the law on your side.
Speaking of the law, and a few months ago I mentioned Billy Walters on this blog. What I didn't mention, but which is now common knowledge, is that his friend Phil Mickelson also likes a small flutter from time to time. Only $2.75 million though - I think he can afford it.

I'll be in Mrs Cassini's homeland for the 4th July weekend later this week, so while there will be no trading for a while, I will be hoping for an England v USA World Cup Final on Sunday. It's probably politically incorrect to mention that the semi-finals are a rematch of the Second World War with the USA playing Germany and England against Japan, so I won't mention it other than to say that the two Axis powers are both favoured to advance. The French did at least put up a little more of a fight this time around, as some of you older readers might "imaginot".

Even my old Dad stayed up for the England v Canada quarter-final (which was actually an exciting game, although I suspect he slept through most of it) and my old Mum was wondering "how they would get on against the men". I think I disappointed her somewhat (not for the first time) when I told her they were at about the level of 16 year old boys. "Oh - a bit like your sense of humour", she replied.

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Brulati said...

Nice post again, I saw that you changed the topic already to more serious problems. :-) I just want to discuss about your opinion at tennis markets. So you like to tell me, that is not possible to make any money in one of the most liquid and volatile markets for a part time trader? That suprises me. Here I think different, in my opinion you definitely overrate the courtsiding. How he should know it better during a break time? If you are referring to the full timers... not all of them are genious and beside are a lot of average Johnny Punters around especially at big events.

You are the best example that you can make a side income with trading. You think is only possible at side markets like baseball or basketball?

About the scam... yes, he is active since six years. Police and authorities don't care about it, because they don't understand the case. They consider it like a loss at stock exchange. That's the loop hole for the scammer. Well for me this story is marked off. It was a hurtful loss, but there are more serious problems in life than lose a part of the yearly salary.