Friday, 27 January 2017

Road to the Warehouse - Poor House

Here's Tony A celebrating a West Ham United throw-in

It's an unusual career path to go from being a risk specialist with an investment bank to working in a warehouse, but life is full of surprises. 

Our contributor Tony, "The Only Way Is Essex", Stephens has trodden such a path, at least if one of his Twitter profiles is to be believed, and with a grand total of four (4) followers, perhaps it isn't. 

A second Tony Twitter account, this one not protected, is faring much better, almost twice as well in fact, with a total of seven (7) followers.

Here's the profile picture for that account:
Here's Tony B celebrating West Ham United winning a corner
Notice the similarity? 

It was also amusing to read that Tony's Skype Id was at one time "getintheir". Get in their what? Their face? Their way? Their washing? 

We'll never know. Probably he meant "getinthere" which would make more sense. Perhaps poor grammar is why the investment banking career didn't work out?

The quality of Tony's ideas about trading can be seen in this example:
Market prediction - if you think about maximising profits and minimising losses it almost doesn't matter if you guess up or down in terms of price prediction. However if you have some reasoning i.e. the fav has drifted then maybe the another horse is shortening then this might help predicting the movement correctly.
As little as I know about horses, I'm pretty sure that if the favourite has drifted, somewhere in the market, at least one other horse is shortening. 

"Maybe" ? Well these pesky betting exchanges can be tricky to understand, but as the proud owner of Caan Berry's horsey trading guide, you'd think such a basic market dynamic would have been covered.

As for admitting that you guess where prices might go, well good luck with that.

If you are serious about trading, I can strongly recommend Betfair Trading Techniques by Mr. James Butler.     


James said...

Am I writing this blog in my sleep or something?

Is the book any good, that's what Tony (and others) want to know.

Tony S said...
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