Saturday, 6 May 2017

Slicer's Secret Bet

Is Slicer's 'Secret' Bet a secret these days? 

Slicer came to prominence around 2010, and I've written about this subject before, my conclusion being that there was no such thing as a combination of bets that would guarantee a profit, as was claimed.

One (of course) Anonymous commenter had written about Slicer's system that:
No doubt you're clever enough to figure it out yourself but there is a mathematical edge in those games and it's not that hard to exploit.
Presumably Anonymous has long since retired with his millions and a Fields Medal while I continue slowly, but inexorably, towards mine, unfortunately not smart enough to figure out such a mathematical edge.

In the above-referenced post, I wrote:
As someone on the forum commented, you can be pretty sure that anyone who claims an edge, and is happy to talk about it, is one of three things:
1. Very, very stupid - so unlikely to be in this position
2. A charlatan - looking to profit from the gullibility of others
3. A smart individual who is attempting to manipulate the market to their advantage

I would add:
4. A sufferer of an attention seeking disorder 
Undeterred by logic or common sense, work groups were formed around the globe, forums dedicated to the project sprang to life, and several thousands of hours were spent chasing the elusive third (if necessary) bet that was needed to secure guaranteed profits every time.

Except that it never existed as there was always a small chance of the strategy failing, as revealed by the suggestion that for the third bet, you:
Try to find CS that have little chance of happening and at the same time as low odds as possible.
What could possibly go wrong? 

I came across this manual and its companion spreadsheet during Operation Retirement, where one of my old files was a PDF - "The SS BET brought to you by TheProjectForumTeam" with the details. 

That I have no idea how I came about this, and had completely forgotten about it tells you all you need to know about it's worth, but I'm sure I didn't pay anything for it.

And apparently, I am one of just 200 people in the world to know the secret! 
Refund Policy: This product is limited to a short number of people and in order to keep the information which is available throughout this manual as secret as possible, our refund policy has to be strict. Therefore we do NOT accept any requests for refunds.
Exclusivity: This manual will only be available to 200 people in the world.
I suspect it is known to a few more than that these days, as I found this article on it on the SportsTradingLife website: 
He claimed the method was completely risk free but what he failed to mention was that it wasn’t actually risk free.
Apparently, the Slicer’s bet involved…
Laying Half Time 0-0
Backing Full Time 0-0
Then if 0-0 at half time you would have to lay an unlikely correct score at incredibly high odds.
So for example, you could lay 0-3 to the underdog @ 70 in order to lock in your “risk free” profit.
Along with the small problem that it is not a risk-free system and that "unlikely" doesn't mean "impossible" is the time you need to spend.

You have to monitor the game until either a goal is scored or Half-Time and be available to place the high-risk / low reward 'adjustment bet'. 

Good luck if you decide to try this at home. 

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