Thursday 1 December 2011

Holding That Fort

With no NBA, it wasn't a surprise that November was my worst November ever, dropping it into fifth place in the Best Month League (I like my tables). December is likely to be a struggle to, but at least the NBA cavalry is on the way while I attempt to hold the fort with NFL, football, and small pickings from college basketball while throwing away money at the NHL. It may be a cool game, but it wasn't a winner for me last month. Nor, incidentally, were the tables in Las Vegas, where the game of Craps lived up to its name as I dropped a few hundred dollars in record time. I've played through the night there in the past, turning $200 into over $2,000 on one occasion, but this visit will not go down in the books as one of my finest from a financial perspective. Craps is a lot of fun though - it's just more fun when you win.

Two requests yesterday, one asking to join the Friendly Tipping League (request approved, just send me the details for next weekend) and another for a place on the blog roll. I'm a trusting sort of chap, and went ahead and added it thinking I'd check it out later. Then I see Cran The Trader's post written after he had also received a similar request. Seems that this might not be the innocent sounding "new blogger from the trading world!" blog that I assumed.

When I took a look at the blog, I read this: (the numerous spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors are left in place)
After being approached from several wannabe traders, i came up with the idea of setting up some type of mentoring scheme. I would like to teach beginner/intermediate traders the ins and outs of trading betfair.Lessons will be given, you will get to see me trade live, and from this you will pick up tips as you go along. During each trade i will be talking through what im doing, il be stating why im entering a particular trade, and why im exiting.

The focus will be mainly on inrunning trading, but pre-race scalping will also be heavily involved. You will get to see the daily routine of a professional betfair sports trader. Il soon be creating some videos of me trading, which you will have access to.

If you are struggling to make profits on betfair, i can teach you how to win consistently.

If you are interested please email
I wouldn't bother if I were you. "After being approached from several wannabe traders..." Really? Shouldn't it be 'by several wannabe traders'? You would think that Mr. Martin Daniels (aka BetfairMagician, marts_uk, RacingExpert, SportsTrader) must be quite famous in the online betting community, (with all those names, he actually is infamous rather than famous!) yet his blog was started on October 18th this year, and is comprised of a total of three posts. The opening post included this:
I feel my knowledge is now that of an advanced bettor. I don't make huge amounts of money, yet, but thats where we all strive to be right?
Well, right, but mentors are usually people who have achieved some success in their area of expertise, not just people who are experienced at failing.
Through the weeks i will be posting screen shots and uploading videos of my weekly profit/loss aswell as my best and worst trades of the week. From January 2012 im going to set myself a profit target for the year but until then im taking things slowly and cautiously.
There is one screenshot, showing a profit of £180.34. You might expect a "professional Betfair sports trader" to have evidence a little more convincing than that, but isn't it also rather odd that someone who is "professional" one minute, changes his tune the next, admitting that he "doesn't make huge amounts of money, yet".

Anyway, it was a great sales pitch and once Mrs Cassini's approval is received, I shall be signing up. She has one or two questions. I only hope that by letting you all in on this secret, I haven't missed out on one of the limited places available. Oh well, that's the kind of generous man I am. Good luck if you sign up - you'll need it.

Incidentally, I also removed the link, not because of all the above, but because the cheeky devil hadn't even had the decency to include "probably the most well known, well respected and certainly well read trading blog", (that's this one), on HIS blog roll! If you really want to check it out, you can find it in the comments on the last post.

Finally, after being approached from several wannabe Craps players, I came up with the idea of setting up some type of mentoring scheme. I would like to teach beginner / intermediate Craps players the ins and outs of playing Craps. Lessons will be given, you will get to see me bullshit live, and from this you will pick up tips as you go along. During each trade I will be cursing through what I'm doing wrong, I'll be stating why I'm entering a particular bet, and why I'm exiting.

The focus will be mainly on in-running Craps, as pre-roll scalping will not exist. You will get to see the daily routine of a professional Craps player. I would soon be creating some videos of me playing, except that the casinos don't like cameras, so bad luck.

If you are struggling to make profits at Craps, I can teach you how to lose less. Stop playing. I don't make huge amounts of money, yet, but that's where we all strive to be right?

If you are interested send me an e-mail - and money. Thanks.


NICK said...

Sigh, another classic, comedy gold posting from Cassini. One word, brilliant. Oh, and by the way count me in for your Craps masterclass please.

Anonymous said...

hello, great post as always. i actually have added your blog and am not selling some ridiculous teaching method, so do you mind returning the favour? thanks

Anonymous said...

you are completely out of order for this post, you have got me completely wrong. I offer FREE advice, i offer people the chance to watch me trade LIVE in the hope of them picking up tips.

Since i went full-time in May i have made over 30k profit fro trading pre race and inrunning. To me that is not a lot of money, as i strive to earn in excess of 100k per year. I can't even be bothered reading all of your drivel you have posted, but i ask you to remove immediately, otherwise i will spout lies about yourself on my blog.

You will soon see once i start updating on a regular basis in January how wrong you are about me.

Anonymous said...

However thankyou for spending so much time on the write up.

Griff said...

Hi Cassini,

Just one selection for me this weekend. I'm hoping for a change of luck!!!

Wigan v Arsenal

Maybe not with this one that the spreadhseet thrown up though!!

NICK said...

30k isn't a lot of money? sigh and head in hands....what a joker MD sounds.

Anonymous said...

As a lump sum yes its a lot, but as a yearly wage it isn't! Please don't comment on me again, if you don't like what you see then do not read, but i was only seeking to help others with my experience. Im not interested in making money for myself from a blog or service or whatever, i make money from trading and thats it! Seems it was a bad idea me starting a blog! but im going to continue so those that have spouted crap about me can eat their words. Its all down to that cran bloke because he hated the fact that i found an edge in trading, and so i posted a thread on the geks forum titled the holy grail, i mean whats the harm in being over excited about finally coming up with a strategy that profits week after week! of course its not the holy grail, that was an overstatement, seems they can't take a joke on there, or they don't like people winning other than themselves.

NICK said...

MD I doubt anyone with an ounce of intelligence could take you seriously! I like what you have written it makes me laugh as it's so funny. You can't beat a good bit of humour. You're clearly not the sharpest knife in the block and hopefully people will steer well clear of you and your ilk. Good luck anyway and I'd hate to have your outgoings if £30k a year tax free isn't enough to live on. Oh hang on you must be paying the 60% Premium Charge?

Anonymous said...

not 60% no as i haven't earned more than 250k yet, but i do pay the charge!

think what you like, i really don't care. Im only helping people, and keeping a diary of my trading from January onwards. Im sure you will be checking my blog out, so in a few months time when you see you was wrong about me il be waiting for an apology.

Im already teaching 3 people via screen share and chatting on msn. I enjoy it, thats why i do it, and only do for 1 day or so a week!

NICK said...

No, I won't be checking your blog out. Your shocking spelling and grammatical errors are enough to put me off!

Anonymous said...

well im sorry if im not a posh southerner! I haven' created a blog to satisfy english teachers!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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The Geek said...

Infamous is right.

A little known fact from the history books, our friend was the other spectacular no show from the infamous "Walk in the park" challenge in March 2009.

Anonymous said...

Total con artist. is his latest venture.

Anonymous said...

He sure is conned lots of people out of lots o cash but his time is nearly up! Police closin! Conned wrong people fact!