Tuesday 6 December 2011

Weak End Update

The weekend's football schedule is finished, and a late (85') goal for Fulham meant it wasn't the best of weekends for the XX Draw Selections, as they finished with no winners from five selections, falling to an ROI on the season of 16.4%. A profit on backing these as Unders though, with three from five finishing Under 2.5 goals. I thought I had a winner on the Under 2.5 goals in the Everton match too, only to return home and find that my back (the first money in the queue placed earlier in the day at one tick higher than available) hadn't been matched.

The star of the weekend was undoubtedly Geoff (again) as he found four draws from his eight selections, and no 3-3 flukes this week - every winner finished 1-1. If Geoff can keep this up, he will be lifting the League trophy in a few months. Here's hoping he doesn't end up like Ronnie Wallwork in a few years.

With an ROI of 69%, Geoff stays ahead of backing the Lay The Draw selections, which 'found' a 2-2 winner and has an ROI of 55% but, with few selections, it's early days yet. The XX Draws and Unders stand third and fourth, with debutant Mark James off to a disappointing start with three losers, Green Pullover had a 100% record (one selection, one win) and a great weekend for Matt and Football Elite with three winners from four. His one losing bet was one of the XX Draw Selections, Newcastle United (Draw No Bet) v Chelsea. This was close to the end, with only two very late goals for Chelsea killing, not only the chance of a draw, but the Under 2.5 goals as well.

All of the above are in the Green. Still in the Red are Game of 2 Halves and Griff's Draws with the Random Draw Picks propping up the table. It would be embarrassing if they were beating any of us.

Until Sunday, I'd not had a golf bet since September, but with Tiger Woods returning to form, I took a chance and ended up making a little over £300 as he won his first tournament in over two years. The NFL was profitable at the weekend too, and after a losing first day, the month of December is off to a decent enough start, but the best is yet to come, with the NBA back for us on Xmas Day with no less than five staggered games. There really is a Santa.


Average Guy said...

Do you think the Woods prices will tumble below value status or will there be value to be had for a while, fitness returning, still the best, despite being so odious.

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