Monday 26 December 2011

Celtics Roasted

Down by 17 points at one point in the first half, and trading at 1.1, the Celtics rallied to take a 10 point lead in New York v the Knicks, an early (opening game) example of NBA prices being driven too low, too early, and then too low (on the Celtics) after the rally. Here's the chart:

Early days of course, but it's hard to see anyone but the Miami Heat winning the Championship this year. They demolished a new look Dallas Mavericks team yesterday. Also impressive were the Oklahoma City Thunder - four interesting months ahead.

I've had some bizarre comments on my blog in the past four years, but this one from Average Guy was a little different
Hello Cassini, you may not know this but I believe you are the Yoda of the sports betting world. I need your advice so less of the prostration from me, please tell me what is the roasting time for a boned and rolled turkey breast of about 3.2 kg ?

If you don't know, nobody does.
20 minutes per lb, plus 20 minutes. I don't work well with kgs. Kegs I'm good with though! And who is this Yoda character of whom you speak? I am possibly the only person in the civilised (I use the term loosely) world who has never seen a Star Wars film. To infinity and beyond!


Tennis Trade Strategies said...

I monitored the Lakers game. And I found Chicago to be too low at 1.28 with an 8 point lead early in the third. Lakers was as high as 4.5 and above that time and came back down to evens within the 3rd quarter. I like the odd movements better than on NFL games. It seems more predictable to me. I will try to spot some patterns I can use on the NBA, since the market was real good matched last night, which I didn't expect at all.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday was ''standard situation'' in NBA at half time (in a game between two more or less even teams)where one team is up 10-14 points... so laying a team who is winning at that moment, is almost always worth considering. And when you have Boston Celtics who is one of the best 3rd quarter teams in the league for the last few years (since KG joined) ... then this was a no brainer ;)

skoqp said...

Would you be so kind as to discuss the potential entry and exit points in the game. Perhaps by annotating the graph. All I see is a price ramping up and then down again. When looking at price movements after the fact/event it's quite easy to visualise entry and exit points. Obviously, whilst the game is in progress it would have been impossible to know how far up the price would go and vice versa when it started to drop. So I can only imagine that you would have to have predetermined entry and exit points...