Wednesday 21 December 2011

Postman Drops Sack

Peter Webb reported on his blog that for one week only, possibly a Xmas Special, Betfair upped their Super Premium Charge to 120%. Or this is what appeared to have happened. Later, Betfair refunded half, possibly after receiving a complaint or two. While 60% of something is more than nothing, 120% certainly isn't. You know what I mean!

No regular Premium Charge for me this week, after the Napoli - Roma debacle. As I write this, the Udinese - Juventus game look like it will recoup some of the losses for me. My Unders price was 1.58, and with 1.84 available, a 16.5% edge was more within my comfort zone, and 0-0 is the score with about one minutes remaining. First game of the season that Juventus have failed to score - good for me!

Peter's prior post ended with a PS:
A funny footnote to this post. I was searching for “mail man sack” and up popped a load of images of Blackburn manager Steve Kean.
which reminded me of a story from my younger days, when my football team were enjoying a curry and a couple of beers after training one December night a few days before Xmas. During the meal, one of my friends mentioned that he was trying to complete this Crossword Special in a magazine, and that the first prize was a cruise, and that he was just one answer short.

Appealing to me with a little flattery, he said "Rob (this was before I became Cassini) - you're a smart guy, can you help me complete it?"

The table went quiet, and I naturally said "Of course, what's the clue?"

"Postman drops sack," he said.

"Postman....drops....sack" I repeated slowly, mind turning.

"How many letters?" I asked.

"F***ing hundreds of them", he replied " They were all over the place".

The table erupted - I certainly fell for that one.

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