Sunday 11 December 2011

Pullover Achieving

The recent performance of the Green Pullover's draw selections is worthy of mention. After a losing run of twelve, he has now hit six winning draws from the last seven selections, with only a 94' goal for Torquay on Friday night spoiling a 100% record. After 71 selections in total, an ROI of 19.3% is very impressive.

The latest table is included here, with additional columns showing the Longest Losing Sequence (LLS), at least since I have been following, and the positions from last week:

Griff can't buy a winner right now, with another two losers this weekend, while Football Elite's came up empty from two Sunday selections - Atalanta and a lay of Bayern Munich.

The Random Draws picked up one winner for another small profit for the weekend.

The table leader right now is Back The Lay The Draw Selections, which is really quite amusing. A low number of selections though.

Geoff's Draws are second with an ROI of 50.4%, also impressive, but with only 26 selections, more time is needed before we get too carried away. Being realistic, not negative - this is from Zero To A Million, another poorly written book but it was free on iBooks!
Studies at the National Institute of Health which examined the link between our body and our mind shows how positive thoughts and emotions like love and appreciation trigger one set of biochemical reactions to the body; and negative thoughts and emotions like criticism and anger trigger a different set of reactions. It was proven how biochemicals were the physical manifestation of thoughts and emotion.

Once your thoughts and emotions become habitual, they forma neural network that keeps the mindset habitually in place. It keeps you, literally, on automatic. That's why when you master a habit, like riding a bicycle or tying your shoe, you don't have to think about it much any more. You've mastered the habit. The neural network is in place, like a groove in a record.

The mindset and its neural network continues developing and becoming stronger with REPETITION and PRACTICE.
As badly written as the above is, the message is correct, and included here because it has meaning for traders. The more you trade, the better you get, with the right mental attitude. Practice makes perfect.

Chelsea v Manchester City tomorrow, and my prices are H 2.52, A 3.0 and D 3.71. Betfair's prices at the time of writing are very close at 2.58, 3.0 and 3.55 respectively. I have the under priced lower than Betfair however, at 1.85 versus an available 2.14.

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