Monday 19 December 2011

Edge Trimmer

As we add more and more selections to the Tipster Table, the ROIs will settle down, but it was still a little surprising that after this weekend's results, the standings are unchanged from last week. A reminder to the selectors that there are a full schedule of top league matches in England, France and Italy this week, although the German and Spanish league take an extended break over the holidays.
Lest anyone think that I am perfect, an easy enough mistake to make, things went from good to bad fast in the later football tonight. A sizeable bet on the Unders in the Napoli v Roma game was in trouble when Roma scored in the 3' (thanks to a dreadful Sanctis goalkeeping blunder) and I took a big hit. In fact this was my worst football result since the Copa America tournament in July, and I'm a little annoyed at myself for staking so aggressively on a bet that had just an 8.1% edge. I normally make 10% the minimum before I get involved, and outcomes like this remind me why. Funny how I had no desire to take a screenshot when the news is bad! The good news is that the arrival of the Super Premium Charge is still an estimated 94 days away. That'll make for a nice birthday present.

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