Wednesday 28 December 2011


Geoff picked up some good draws over the weekend, with some lower division (Mansfield Town v York City) and Scottish picks (Ayr United v Raith Rovers and Falkirk v Ross County) coming in, and for Griff, the long run is finally over as Sunderland and Everton drew 1-1. Although there were no XX Draw selections this weekend, this game just missed selection, and so I had a reduced financial interest in it and a winner on both the draw and the Under markets. The other close selection was Norwich City v Tottenham Hotspur, no draw today, but a consolation prize in the Under. The Tipster Table has been updated with the latest results here:

With no football until the weekend, all eyes now turn to the “333,333” hit competition. Right now it’s looking likely that number will be hit either tomorrow, December 28th, or Thursday 29th, and for both dates we have winning entries. Today's total hits, plus an extra 30 will make the winning date the 28th so if you are one of the three who has that date, start pressing the refresh button repeatedly. In the event of a tie, the free bet of £3.33 will be divided equally between the winners. Or did I say £33.33? I was thinking of a similar competition to guess the hit count at the end of 2012, but since the world will end on the 20th December, there won’t be much point. I hope everyone enjoyed their last ever Xmas.

The NBA, the gift that keeps on giving, did a little taking on day two of the regular season, but the strategy of laying low is one that has been tried and tested over a few seasons now, and the failure of one team (Chicago Bulls) to do what they are supposed to do (come back and beat the Golden State Warriors) isn’t a cause for concern. A couple of comments suggest that at least some readers of this blog are seeing the potential this sport offers - Tennis Trade Strategies wrote
I monitored the Lakers game. And I found Chicago to be too low at 1.28 with an 8 point lead early in the third. Lakers was as high as 4.5 and above that time and came back down to evens within the 3rd quarter. I like the odd movements better than on NFL games. It seems more predictable to me. I will try to spot some patterns I can use on the NBA, since the market was real good matched last night, which I didn't expect at all.
and 24the$ wrote:
Yesterday was ''standard situation'' in NBA at half time (in a game between two more or less even teams)where one team is up 10-14 points... so laying a team who is winning at that moment, is almost always worth considering. And when you have Boston Celtics who is one of the best 3rd quarter teams in the league for the last few years (since KG joined) ... then this was a no brainer ;)
"It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future" - Yogi Berra


skoqp said...
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skoqp said...

Well, it's 1.05 that the world won't end in 2012 and that there will be Christmas in 2012. But it's certainly 1.02 that there will be some serious fireworks as a result of the EU blowing up. 2012 will be the year they fail to kick the can down the road. I hope you are well hedged... Oh and has anyone noticed that 2012 is the year the US Federal Reserve's mandate comes up for renewal, and 2012 is the year of the US Presidential Elections. Politically and economically, this coming year will be exciting beyond anything we've experienced so far... Lots and lots of interesting bets. I've already made a tidy little sum by backing Ron Paul early on - in the Republican Nominee market on Betfair.:
Sorry for the rambling post, i actually meant to ask - do you live in Europe? If so do you really stay up till 1AM to bet on the NBA and NFL.