Tuesday 3 April 2018

MLB April Shorties

The table above shows the results of backing short priced (1.5 or shorter) MLB favourites during the opening month of the season. The returns are calculated using the American method of betting to win 100 units.

Over the last five full seasons, this simple strategy is up 96.53 points from 1,082 bets, an impressive ROI of 8.92%. Last season was the best, +55.70 points from 296 selections, 18.81% ROI.

Some months this strategy is best left alone - the opening and closing months of March and October are both small sample sizes, but losing ones, as is the All-Star month of July, where form appears to be disrupted by the annual break.  

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Unknown said...

Hi. I did backtest via trend builder and it looks like betting RL in these games is more profitable. Can you confirm ?