Sunday 12 May 2019

EPL 2018-19 Records

With 36 goals in the final round, the record for goals scored in the Premier league was broken with an average per game of 2.821, mostly due to the increase in Away goals which also hit a new high this season: 

Not surprisingly, Away wins ended the season above one in three for the first time in English top flight history: 
The Draw finished at a Premier League record low, the lowest percentage for Draws since 1931-32.
At the individual club level, no club had previously drawn fewer than three games in a Premier League season, but this season two teams (Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur) managed that feat, with Tottenham a mere 15 minutes away from just one Draw all season. 

Two Draws in a season is a top tier record fewest for a 20 or more club season - Sunderland set the record in 1908-09, so for two clubs to match this in the same season (103 seasons in total) is quite remarkable. 

At the other end of the Draws table, only Southampton made double figures this season with 12, three clear of the next highest total. Like Tottenham, Southampton also drew their final game of the season. 

Twelve is the joint lowest 'winning' total in the Premier league era, matching Aston Villa's 12 in 2005-06, although in that season three other clubs also made double figures. 

This Premier League season is also only the second where the title would have gone elsewhere if we were still in the pre-1981 era of two points for a win. Manchester United would have won the 1994-95 title on goal difference from Blackburn Rovers, and Liverpool would be champions today. 

Look forward to more fascinating insights in the coming months. 

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